Help Us Improve: The 2020 Potholedummy Reader Survey

It’s been a few years since we last requested that you mention to us what you love (and don’t love such a great amount) about the Potholedummy, and since then our organization, our industry, and our reality have experienced monstrous movements.

With so much having transformed, we needed to be certain we’re still satisfying the elevated expectations we set for this blog, and that we’re still giving as important an encounter as we can for all of you. That is the place you come in today.

To assist us with serving you better, it would be ideal if you consider going through the overview underneath, which gets some information about what your identity is, the thing that challenges you face, and what you’d prefer to see a greater amount of on the Potholedummy.

We’ll distribute the outcomes alongside our takeaways in a little while, and will utilize them to manage our work going ahead. From all of us at Potholedummy, thanks ahead of time for your time!