Help Your Community from Six Feet Away: Non-Marketing Tips from Potholedummy

Throughout the previous not many weeks, you’ve most likely encountered an inundation of messages from organizations enumerating how COVID-19 is influencing them and subsequently you, their client. It’s… a great deal, right? So today, we need to take a takeoff from the universe of “how this influences us” and spotlight rather on noteworthy things we would all be able to do to make things more brilliant for ourselves and our networks. This won’t be your consistently planned programming — we won’t talk about SEO or showcasing. Rather, we’re sharing thoughts and exhortation from the people at Potholedummy who’ve been seeing ways as aides as we as a whole explore this new ordinary.

Give and shop

For the individuals who have consistent salary during this time of financial vulnerability, it’s a higher priority than at any other time to help local organizations and magnanimous associations. Many bosses, Potholedummy included, offer beneficent gift coordinating to make utilization of too.

Food banks, asylums, and good cause

You can give cash or call local associations (like destitute havens, food banks, and creature salvages) to perceive what things they most need. Potholedummy have discovered a few imaginative approaches to contribute, including an overly supportive spreadsheet of all the food banks in our general vicinity shared by Britney Muller. A couple of us have elected to be pet non-permanent parents, and Skye Stewart has even observed neighbors turn their “little free libraries” into wash rooms for those out of luck!


Skye has seen minimal free libraries loaded as storerooms all through the Wallingford and Fremont neighborhoods of Seattle. This one has a place with Clay and Elli Stricklin.

Blood donation centers

In case you’re solid and capable, think about joining to give blood. The blood donation centers in our general vicinity have gotten so many volunteers that they’re booking arrangements weeks ahead of time — what a phenomenal demonstration of network support!

Purchase gift vouchers or shop online

All of our preferred local salons, cafés, bars, or home merchandise stores are likely experiencing ongoing terminations. Gift vouchers give them bolster now and give you the choice to shop later (or have your vacation shopping done somewhat early). Many local organizations additionally have online shops for you to peruse from home. Delivery times are likely affected, however, so be understanding!

Request take-out

Local eateries are moving to take-out and to-go request plans of action. In the event that you can’t go get food, applications like DoorDash and Grubhub are offering no-contact conveyance alternatives.


Staple shop

Stock up just with what you requirement for a little while for yourself. You can likewise chip in, like Potholedummy Hayley Sherman, to make basic food item runs for in danger companions or family.

Remain solid

This seems like an easy decision — obviously we’re all attempting to remain sound! Be that as it may, it must be stated, as now we must be more innovative to keep up our sound propensities.

Online exercises

With ongoing terminations, local exercise centers and studios are offering online classes. Have you at any point considered what a yoga or move class is like through Zoom? A couple of us at Potholedummy have discovered, and it’s unquestionably unique — yet in addition shockingly fun — to associate with all different understudies in this new manner.

Walk or run

We’ve been appreciating some unseasonable daylight in the Pacific Northwest, making it the ideal time to battle restlessness with a walk or run outside. Assuming the rainclouds blow over, you can do likewise! Simply make sure to keep up social good ways from different walkers and sprinters (regardless of whether they have a charming little dog with them — intense, we know).


Reflection can help quiet the tension many of us may be feeling at this moment. Dr. Pete suggests the Ten Percent Happier application for help, and applications like Insight Timer and Calm have many free contemplation choices for you to browse, as well.

Continue eating new foods grown from the ground

While it’s enticing to just load up on durable food like macintosh and cheddar (I’m liable of having a few boxes put away in my wash room) and depend on enhancements or Emergen-C, new produce is as yet perhaps the best choice to get vital nutrients and lift your resistance.

Go disconnected

A few of us at Potholedummy have thought that it was useful to detach from the sequence of media reports for some time each day, and we attempt to just focus on news from respectable sources. With so many voices in the discussion, this can be hard, which is the reason going disconnected can be so useful.

Remain associated

Human association stays significant for keeping up assurance and amiableness, regardless of whether we can’t have the equivalent physical space.

Check in

Call individuals you would normally observe routinely, and connect with those you haven’t seen in for a little while. Potholedummy are remaining associated by calling into morning espresso joints and virtual group snacks — it’s been extraordinary to see everybody’s grinning faces!

You may begin a week by week virtual party time or book club utilizing free video conferencing programming like Google Hangouts or Skype, or timetable some time to watch motion pictures along with the new Netflix Party augmentation.

Join online networks

Online networking gatherings or applications like Nextdoor allow you to meet your neighbors, share images, and verify whether anybody needs anything like a staple run, medication, or only a virtual embrace.

We’ve made diverts in our organization Slack for subjects like child rearing, wellbeing, cultivating, and simply broad fun. These gatherings have really carried light and kinship to our common circumstance. In the child rearing channel, specifically, Potholedummy guardians have united together to share assets and recommendations to help bolster each other in this new universe of self-teaching.

Incline toward sympathy

We’re surviving an extraordinary time, and probably the best thing we can do is comprehend that sometimes, people simply should be human. In case you’re driving a group that is telecommuting, you may discover your representatives keeping irregular working hours with school terminations, disturbed timetables, and specialized challenges. Utilize your sympathy muscle, and consider instituting adaptable approaches that will lessen weight on your representatives while ensuring the work despite everything completes.

Tell everybody it’s alright to close down during ordinary working hours to organize family time and kid care. You can likewise plan non-business related registration, or incorporate unwinding time with your timetables.

This rundown of approaches to help is in no way, shape or form comprehensive, and we’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave a remark or send us a tweet. We’re in this together.